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Key ring

Frame with liquid and glitter

Ceramic mugs

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Photo album

Puzzles and Mouse pads

Plastic Photo Frames

Photo holders

Photo Frames


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Key rings are still actual nowadays otherwise how would you find the difference between two absolutely identical bunch if keys? Find the one of your taste

If you find the classic frames boring we can offer you the photo frames with shiny glitter dancing inside the frame when you shake it. Photo size 10x15

White mugs with different color handle and inside. Choose design and place the photo made by us. Perhaps for someone it is going to be the best gift ever!

Pencil case, wallet, sports bag and other student goods that really can look different from the ones you by in the market. We have got many solutions to offer!

Personified calendars for 2024. Different types and sizes.

Special Christmas offer! Different decorations you can put your photo in.

There are different photo albums available. With classic or magnetic pages or with pockets.

Carton A4 puzzles and mouse pads with printed photo.

Sizes available: 10x15, 15x20, 15x21, 20x30. Wide range for school and nursery children.

Photo holders don't take much space, are easy to place everywhere even on the desk in the office. You can change photos everyday. Photo holders can hold up to 10x15 cm size photos

Wood imitation frame fits well in every interior. There are classic colour frames and also themed photo frames available. Other different material photo frames are also available.

Struggling to find the best way to make a surprise for your closest one? Soft toy is a nice choice.